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Single Session Therapy - 1 hour of time well spent

Single session therapy is not a quick fix, a cure all, or a watered down version of therapy, it is much much more

Single session therapy has been around for a few decades but its only now that it’s really starting to get the recognition it is worthy of. Often the traditional view of therapy is not appealing to everyone, you may not have time for a weekly session or you simply might just feel its not what you need and this is where a single session of therapy can offer an alternative. A one off 60 minute session of therapy either in the comfort of your own surroundings or in the therapy room could be all that’s needed for you at that moment in time, just the opportunity to take time out purely to focus on oneself is a rarity but the value of it is something you should be sure not to miss out on. Single session therapy is not a quick fix, a cure all or a watered down version of therapy, it is much much more

A fantastic opportunity to utilise the power of now.

How often have you felt a little; stressed, burnt-out, overwhelmed, anxious? I could go on but you get the idea, we all have times when life can feel out of balance and often we go through these feelings hoping and waiting for them to pass. However there is another option for when life throws you events and feelings that are difficult to handle. Booking in for a single session of therapy right at that time when you need it most can be empowering, you get to shape how these things that are thrown your way effect you and this can dramatically change how your day to day life can feel.

A safe, non-judgemental space to let it all out

Do you run things round and around in your mind? Overthinkers I’m talking to you in particular here. Imagine how it might feel to let these thoughts out, just picture it, all of these thoughts that may be worrying, confusing, scary, embarrassing, anxiety inducing. Single session therapy is the space and time to off load these thoughts without fear of judgement from anyone. I will offer you the time you need to let the pressure of these thoughts lift and can give you understanding and empathy to help you process all that’s going on in that busy mind.

A space and time to start taking a step further along with an issue or problem.

Ever had a problem you just can’t figure out what to do next with? Well, single session therapy is your opportunity to devote 60 minutes to focusing on this, working together we can; consider, reflect and reframe all components of your situation. I won’t have the magic answer but what I can do is help you to use that time to move that bit further on in your progress with the issue.

An opportunity to check in with yourself

Despite how it may feel, devoting this time to yourself isn’t self indulgent, you are not something that should be added to the bottom of an endless To Do list. Spending 1 hour in a single session of therapy is unquestionably a valuable addition to your self-care. Just as you may prioritise your physical wellbeing by; going for a run, hitting your 5 a day fruit & veg count, cutting down on those weekend glasses of wine, eating less meat, taking more daily steps, your mental wellbeing deserves just as much attention. A single session of therapy can in many ways be just like a gym session for the mind.

The start of something more

There’s also another reason why just one single session of therapy may be helpful to you, it could be that gateway you needed to make a next step in prioritising your mental wellness. Maybe you didn’t realise until this single session just how much you have going on and how helpful it can be to have a place to explore it more. Or maybe you have known for a while that therapy is something you know would be beneficial to yourself. Either way that one single session of therapy may be just the thing you need to start a journey of something more.

It’s clear to see that even a single session of therapy can be beneficial to anyone who is wanting to open themselves up to the possibilities, of not just what therapy has to offer but what you have to offer yourself too.

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